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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  July 13, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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stop playing with us. we're not pawns in your game. and fed chairman ben bernanke ups the ante today telling lawmakers defaults in the debt will result in a huge financial calamity. team obama breaks the bank. second quarter fundraising $47 million for the campaign. new fallout for rupert murdoch's empire. the media giant withdraws its broadcasting bid and the actor will help expose the hacking scandal speaks out to matt lauer. >> if you want the question why didn't we do anything about it before, the answer is now emerging. the police unfortunately dragged their feet they've been lent on by the power in particular of news international. and game time for roger clemmons. the pitching ace's fate now up to a mainly female jury with
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little to no interest in baseball. . and remembering betty ford. the former first lady's casket leaves california to her final resting place in michigan. good afternoon. we go to the breaking news out of mumbai, india. three explosions have killed at least 17 and injured 81 more. the first terror attack since the attacks three years ago. mumbai's police commissioner says one of the bombs was ied placed inside an umbrella. in washington both parts are gaping the politics of republican senate proposal from mitch mcconnell that would give president obama the authority to raise the debt ceiling without first guaranteeing the spending cuts the house republicans have been demanding. those republicans notably michele bachmann say it's a nonstarter. florida congresswoman deby wasserman schultz is the chair of the democratic national committee and joins us now. thanks for joining us us.
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first of all, what is your position, the democratic caucus position on this mitch mcconnell proposal to try to get away from the debt ceiling deadline and the connection with the spending cuts? >> well, i can see why mitch measuring mcconnell and republicans would want to try to shove this back on president obama because the american people are very frustrated. they don't want us to deal with the potential looming default for the first time in american history of our economy and our debt. they want us to sit down at the table like grown ups and work this out. so i think the republicans are realizing that most of the blame from their line in the sand politics is being heaped on them. so mcconnell's proposal appears to be a way to heap the responsibility on president obama. and wipe their hands of it. that's just not responsible. and that's not what the american people want. and we need to sit down at the
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table, make sure that we can focus on getting the -- our fiscal house in order. strike a deal that engaging on shared sacrifice with responsible cuts and responsible revenue that is -- and skin in the game for the wealthiest americans and getting rid of subsidies for oil companies then we can really continue to focus on getting this economy turned around. >> what about the rebelon from the president's base? from many people from nancy pelosi on down who feel that the president really undercut the house democrats by con keeding that medicare, medicaid and ultimately social security are on the table? >> i haven't detected that rebelon at all? >> are you talking to the same house democrats that are hammering us with complaints are going public, private, collaring people, collaring reporters all saying how upset they are with the white house? >> what we need to do is the
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president proposed that we deal with this very big problem in a big way. and that democrats should put all of our sacred cows on the table. we demonstrated that we're willing to put all our sacred cows on the table. the republicans are simply not willing to do anything but sit on their hands and cross their arms like spoiled children, almost. and that's just not responsible. what democrats want to do when it comes to dealing with entitlements is make sure that we don't end medicare as we know it. that we don't cut benefits but we look at medicare and social security in a way that can preserve the long-term solvency of those programs and not propose what the republicans have to end those programs. >> speak of safety nets, the president did say in his interview last night that he could not guarantee that he would continue paying social security benefits if there were a default. this is what michele bachmann
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had to say about that. >> we were all shocked and appalled that president obama dangeled out in front of the cameras that senior citizens may not get their checks. that's a very dangerous statement to make. we don't believe that for a moment. as we said, there are sufficient funds in the social security trust fund right now to make sure that they get checks. and that's the responsible thing that we as members of congress need to do. >> what's your response to that? >> well, it's very clear that the republicans simply don't understand just how dire it would be for the nation to default on our debt for the fist time in american history. the chairman of the republican national committee said it just the other day that defaulting would not be the end of the world. michele bachmann who is running for president and i'm presuming that she believes she's qualified to be president, does so by clearly demonstrating that she doesn't have enough comprehension to understand that if we don't deal with cutting
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the deficit and balancing the sacrifice that is necessary in order for us to avoid default then the consequences for seniors, for members of our military, for the economy is going to be cataclysmic. there's no disputing that unless you're a republican. >> debbie wasserman schultz, thank you very much. >> thank you. and a very tough warning from ben bernanke. he says quote, not raising the debt limit is like having a spending spree on your credit card and then refusing to pay the bill. we have a cnbc senior analyst. let's talk about the chaurm's testimony and him weighing in very vongly on the debt ceiling and what the outlook is. what is the wall street reaction to this debt ceiling dilemma? >> i think they're separating the politics from the economics on wall street. the fact is it's highly unlikely that the u.s. government unless everyone agrees that they're
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going to run the u.s. into a ditch will default on its external obligations. this government has an obligation to pay debts that have already been incurred. fed chairman bernanke was right. the credit card tab has already been run up. increasing the debt ceiling just pays the bills that we owe. tying this to future spending and future program really is a separate political maneuver that has nothing to do with the economic reality of paying interest on the debt, social security and the like. >> at one point that may be the factual reality. there are people on both sides that are not willing to accept those facts. what if there is the kind of gridlock, you saw what happened with the first tarp vote. and this could be repeated, you know, on steroids. >> we saw that happen in the stock market. >> that failed tarp vote in the house back in early 2009, the dow fell 700 points in the few hours after the vote failed.
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we would have a very sharp financial market reaction. you're absolutely right. i'm hoping that there are some adults in washington who understand this. this is not a game to be played. this the not chicken. this is not a child's game. this is adult swim only. defaulting would put us in a category that doesn't -- in which we don't really exist. >> you may be giving them too much credit. was the business community weighing in as it did yesterday was that an attempt to try to reach republicans where they live? >> i think so. even democrats. both sides have dug their heels in on items that are quite silly. obviously entitlement programs need reform over the long haul. we're talking about the long-term unfunded liabilities of social security, medicare, medicaid and even the defense budget. not today or tomorrow type spebding. on the republican side this notion that by cutting short-term spending you're going to reinvigorate the economy by sending government workers out of their jobs and into a labor
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force for which there are five applicants for every job available is sheer folly. again, the fact haves not yet got engine the way of the arguments that are being made. that's ton fortunately part about it. i think the casualty in these debates is the truth. there's no economic reality being discussed. this is all political nonsense by and large that's discussed in washington. it's a necessity to raise the debt ceiling. it's a necessity to deal with the long-term unfunded liabilities of the u.s. government. they don't happen to be linked. they're linked by political realities that surround the 2012 election. >> that's why we love having you on. the truth. we want to go back to our breaking news out of mumbai where terror attacks killed at least 17 people. bloomberg news reporter joins us by phone with the latest. first of all, thank you very much. can you tell us what we know about who might have been responsible for this? >> reporter: the government hasn't really said who's
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responsible so far. they've sort of said they're going to -- before they make a statement. so far about 20 people have been killed. and about 110 have been injured. >> you know better than i, in talking to indian diplomats in washington in the last 48 hours even in anticipation of something like this, they are so suspicious of pakistani terrorism. and of course that was what was the cause last time three years ago. is there immediately finger pointing that's going to be towards pakistan and will there be if that is proved to be the case, will there be a lot of pressure to retaliate? >> reporter: so far there's been no -- the commissioner of police said they cannot say who's
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responsible at the moment. so far there's been no finger pointing. obviously there are suspicions within the people towards pakistan. it could be someone else. we're still waiting to hear from the police what the invest shows. >> thank you very much. up next, we'll talk more about whether india will retaliate. more on that coming up. still ahead, john larson is mcconnell's plan a game changer for house democrats? send me your thoughts on twitter at mitchell reports. this is "andrea mitchell this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. handle more than 165 billion letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day.
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back now to that breaking news out of india where a coordinated terrorist attack is suspected of killing at least 17 people injuring 81 more. three separate bombs were detonated today in a busy neighborhood during rush hour. wes moore is a retired u.s. army captain and joins me now. let's talk about india. you can't talk about india without talking about pakistan and ultimately afghanistan. this is the first attack in three years. we saw what happened last time. there was restraint by the indians. but indian diplomats tell me with the next attack they may not be restrained if they find out that it did emanate from pakistan. >> that's right. they have been cautious to point blame until they have more facts. the fact that it was simultaneous attacks. this dazy chain operation of the facts three at a time, and the fact that this was done in mumbai the financial capital of india. that really has the attacks from three years ago in november of 2008. >> these other pakistani groups. pakistani groups that have been linked to pakistan's government.
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they're not just separate terror groups. they are groups that are closely connected with elements inside pack tan ji intelligence. we should point out we don't know. early reports can be deceiving. there's always a lot of suspicion because there is paranoia in islamabad and mumbai and new dele. american officials have long complained that pakistan doesn't focus enough on its terror groups and focuses too much on india cha they say is not a threat. >> india has been very clear. they have been clear three years ago when they said this will not happen again without a response from india. also how this plays off on the afghanistan conflict is very real. india has five different consulates in afghanistan. two of which are on the border of afghanistan and pakistan.
1:17 pm
they're having a regional conference in pakistan in december of this year which ironically does not include india many the conversation. it's iran, afghanistan and pakistan. how this plays out and what india finds its role in combatting terrorism in its country is very real at this point. >> meanwhile in afghanistan we had the appalling assassination of a controversial figure karzai's half brother, step brother. someone who has been criticized for being corrupt in the past, but most recently has been a key player as the u.s. tries to stabilize its forces in the south. >> absolutely. what that means in terms of not just southern afghanistan quite honestly for the whole country has real consequences for this reason, too. if you think about over the past two years we've had the governor assassinated. the police chief of all of northern afghanistan assassinated. the police chief of canada harr assassinate t and now wali karzai. what this as to other leaders
1:18 pm
inside of afghanistan people aspiring to leadership in afghanistan this has to be weighing heavily on their minds. >> don't cooperate with the u.s. and nato. i want to take a moment to talk about an extraordinary hero. he's going to be honored at 2:00 in the coming hour at the pentagon and receive the medal of honor from the president. this is a bit of what we saw from sergeant -- >> sergeant petry. >> yesterday. >> this is heroism at its finest. this is a person who was actually in an overview area. what ended up happening was the base where the other rangers were were being overrun. he went over there to assist the other rangers. was shot on the leg on his way. as the two other rangers one was a private and one was a sergeant were in the area and a grenade was thrown in. he picked up the grenade and was in the process of throwing the grenade away to save the other people and the grenade exploded
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taking off his hand and his arm. what he did at that point, this is even more extraordinary was put a tourniquet on his own arm after it was blown off and continued to fight until re-enforcements came. he is a hero in every definition of the word. i could not be more excited for him and his family and what it meeps to the larger military family to honor something like him. >> we're going to hear his exclusive interview with brian williams later in the program. thank you very much. up next, mitch mcconnell's last ditch proposal. it is a way to break the deadlock. deadlock. politico coming up next. the planned combination of at&t ant-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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mitch mcconnell's last ditch debt plan is getting panned by many conservatives. watch. >> republicans weren't lekked last november to make it easier to spend and borrow and add to our debt. >> the way it's written i think is a surrender by the republicans. >> senator mcconnell's plan in
1:23 pm
your estimation could never pass the house. >> i don't know. senator mcconnell said it's a last ditch back up plan. >> politico's congressional editor joins us. so dead on arrival or is this just the first round? >> i don't know. nancy pelosi said it has merit and harry reid the democratic leader in the senate went to the floor and said this might be a good idea. i don't know if that's good or bad for the plans. bad for mcconnell on the right. he's doing a little damage control today. he's going to have to sell this plan to his republican colleagues in the senate in the closed door meeting and went to the laura ingraham show this morning conservative talk show host to sort of talk it up. he's having to do a little bit of damage control on this today. >> debbie wasserman shuttle was lukewarm to neg offensive on it in our interview a few minutes ago. jay carney is saying it looks like the proposal is effectively an acknowledgement of what we have said, we the white house has said that there's no
1:24 pm
alternative to the united states honoring its obligations. that's the bottom line for the white house. >> that's true. this does raise the debt limit automatically in three increments. one right away, one at tp end of this year and then a a third time right before the election. mcconnell's strategy is more political on this. he wants democrats to have to vote for or against this three more times, but the way this mechanism works, it's kind of complicated. it would require 2/3 of congress to disapprove of raising the debt limit. that's gog not going to happen. they're not going to get a veto proof margin on this. mcconnell thinks to put the president and democrats on the record constantly voting for this before the next election. >> what game do the house democrats play now given that they've been margin alzheimer'sed by the action bag -- marginalized by the house caucus as well as what's happening in the senate? >> at this point the house
1:25 pm
gunmens it will be a victory for them if social security, medicaid and medicare don't get touched, if you go with the mcconnell plan the debt limit goes up and you don't have to cut government. this is why conservatives especially folks in the tea party, house republicans are upset over this. they've been pushing for hundreds of billions even trillions in cuts for months now. suddenly the senate republican leader says i've got this other nifty back up plan that would get us all off the hook on there. you can tell why conservatives are mad this does not require deep cuts in government. >> okay, thank you very much. and betty ford's casket is now on its way from california to grand rapids, michigan. she will be laid to rest tomorrow. that will be her husband gerald ford's birthday he would have been 98. michelle obama and three former first ladies along with former president george wvp bush are were at the service yesterday.
1:26 pm
roslyn carter whose husband defeated ford in 1976 spoke about their unlikely friendship. her friendship with her predecessor. >> she was never afraid to speak the truth. even about the most sensitive subjects including her own struggles with alcohol and painkillers. she got some criticisms. i thought she was wonderful. and her honesty gave hope to others every single day. by her exampleal helped me recover from jimmy's loss in 1980.
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topping the headline. the uk phone hacking scandal is escalating for media mogul rupert murdoch. today the news corporation dropped its $12 billion to buy out british sky broadcasting
1:30 pm
under pressure from members of parliament who want it investigated. could the scandal spill over to the u.s.? senator jay rockefeller calling for an investigation into whether 9/11 victims here were targets of the hacking. actor hugh grant was among the targets of murdoch's papers and he says that the tabloid's power was unchecked. he spoke to matt lauer on "today." >> he had the power through his papers to get them elected and his paper knew drty details about individual mps so they were unwilling ever to take him on. only three weeks ago all our major politicians in this country were sucking up to rupert murdoch and drinking champagne on his lawn at his summer party. >> nbc's stephanie gos dk is live in london on the latest. i'm sure you weren't drinking champagne on rupert murdoch's lawn but the british politicians were and now they're ruing the day. >> those days are certainly over. certainly the symbol that they
1:31 pm
wanted to give today. it was this vote that was pending in extraordinary events. parliament was going to vote on this merger. it was clear that all the political parties had come together and it was going to pass overwhelmingly. instead news corporation came out and bet them to the punch. this is the first example, real true example of murdoch's business being affected with the scandal that started just at that one newspaper, the news of the world and the actions that their reporters took to gather information. tapping and hacking into phones. phones belonging to a 13-year-old girl who was a murder victim as well as soldiers that were killed. the outrage grew to such a point that politicians here realize they had to come together and make a statement against murdoch himself. >> stephanie i know it's hard to figure out because murdoch is also so tactical and so smart in the way that this move may have
1:32 pm
been to try to delay and stall the inevitable. and buy him some more time. there's a report in "the wall street journal" that he's even considering giving up some of his uk newspaper holdings which aren't as profitable as some of his other hold education in order to focus more on tv and some other investments. >> there has been some speculation about that. the theory goes is he would abandon the newspapers here as we can see they've been a headache for sure. and then focus on the tv businesses which are much more lucrative. the deal with b sky b was going to be the most lucrative of them all. perhaps is idea is to hold back and maybe revisit the idea. you did see in a a statement from newspaper corporation they believe it is still beneficial for both parties to go forward with this deal but the climate has changed so much they can't do it now. maybe they're thinking in the future they can. >> what an extraordinary story.
1:33 pm
thanks so much for staying on top of it. back here at home congressional leaders are heading back to the white house today remember the daily talks. the new senate republican proposal on the table to revolve the deadlock is certainly the big topic of conversation, but at least 60 house republicans are threatening to vote against raising the debt limit under any circumstances. and nothing's going to pass without democratic votes, that's for sure. john larson chairs the democratic caucus and joins me now. great to see you. thanks so much. >> great to see you. >> what do you think of senator mcconnell's plan? is that a way of out of this mess? >> at least he's putting something forward. that's encouraging. i think the news today should have a sobering effect on everybody in washington. and get people to the table and hopefully to negotiate what i think should be a pretty much a straight forward deal. raise the debt ceiling. we did it 17 times under ronald reagan. certainly seven times under
1:34 pm
george bush. we ought to accommodate this president if a big deal can't be reached. if a short-term deal can't be reached, let's take this off the plate of the american people. this is affecting households. household economies and that's what we should be focussing on. keep people at the table in discussing, but let's demonstrate that a democracy can work. step up to the plate. pass the debt ceiling. demonstrate that the united states of america will stand by its full faith and credit and pay its debts. >> what did you think of the president saying that he could not guarantee that he would be able to send out social security checks? is that his game of chicken as well or is that real? >> i think that it's real. i think it's also again a sobering effect on the american people who for the most part have viewed this as the way it's been framed by the republicans is this a a matter of cutting up the thags's credit card.
1:35 pm
which in fact, it's not. as you know this is a matter of paying your bills and not defaulting on what is the full faith and credit of the united states. i think this demonstrates the severity of the situation. in 1979 when congress technically didn't adopt in time the debt ceiling it cost us dearly in terms of an increase in interest rates. that's just being two days late. we're really bumping up a deadline here and we really need to act actually by next friday july 22nd. >> what about the response within your caucus when the president first put some big entitlement cuts on the table when he was talking about the grand deal, the big deal which seemed to be dead now because of john boehner's inability to get republican support for his end of it? what about those entitlement cuts? i was hearing a lot of criticism from your fellow democrats. >> there certainly was. especially you have to imagine
1:36 pm
if you're not inside the room and not privy to the details there's always concern when you're talking about the core values of the democratic party. i dare say the american people. >> do you think that they would be -- will there be enough democratic votes to pass this thing if the president comes to you all and say this is is what we need to do to avoid default? >> i think the president and our leaders in the room both the nancy pelosi and steny highwayer and chris van hollen and jim clyburn before them have talked about the parameters of the deal. they keep on assuring us in the caucus that the president is well within those parameters of not violating the benefit side of social security or medicare for that matter. that's what is at the heart of this matter with democrats. >> are we talking about means testing, basically? >> i couldn't say, andrea. i'm not privy to that. i would say this, if we can't
1:37 pm
get the kind of -- the kind of agreement that we should, i think it becomes incumbent opinion this body something we could do this week to pass a clean debt limit. you know, take into consideration what this is doing to the american people, to american business, to a global economy. when you hear the news about ireland, portugal, spain, italy, and greece, and you look at what's happening in europe, how much longer before it visits here? shouldn't we stand up as a democracy and demonstrate that this democracy, the global economic leader will pay its debts? bring some stability and sanity to this process. >> john larson -- >> that will be dobl this week. >> thank you congressman larson. and president obama is going to face some very tough questions from another part of his base. disappointed group of voters hispanic voters disappointed by his failure to push for him
1:38 pm
graduation reform among other things. the national council of the country largest latino civil rights group is headed to washington for its conference. great to see you this is a big deal. you're coming to washington for your conference. the president is speaking. you have not heard from him at your conference since weight when he was a candidate. >> that's correct. and i think there's a lot of folks in our community who are going to be eager to hear from him directly and what he has to say about his accomplishments throughout his tenure and perhaps some about the unfinished business of his agenda. >> let's talk about that unfinished business. i wanted to play for you a lowlight bit of barack obama's speaking to you the last time around he was then a candidate looking for your support. >> i am here today to make you this promise. i will be a president who stands with you and fights for you and
1:39 pm
walks with you every single step of the way. here's something else i know that when the system isn't working, people who love the country can come together to change it. >> well, has he delivered on those promises? >> well, i think what we're very interested in doing is hearing from him. i think the jury is still out. there's a lot of disappointment in the hispanic community because the expectations were so high. but i think there's also recognition that the president's dealing with some of the most biggest problems that we've seen in this country for 50 years and the topics you've been covering in your show in particular with the deficit issue and the debt ceiling is really important to hispanics. so how we deal with the economy and the fact that the jobs have not been there for hispanics and for many of the rest of the country is something that's important for us to hear about. quite frankly it's been
1:40 pm
disappointing. but we are hoping that having a platform at our conference will give him a chance directly to speak to us. >> i've heard some strong criticism for instance from congressman gutierrez and others on immigration reform. the failure of the white house to push ahead on that and the crackdowns that some are complaining about from homeland security. >> there's no question that i think many in our community have understood that the levels of deportations and detentions have been a great concern to us especially what we've seen that a lot of these deportations and detentions have affected dish washers and housekeepers and maids and dream act students. we want to push the administration to reconsider where they can do something administratively to provide some relief because that pain and separation of those families is real for many in our community. but i will say, andrea, that the
1:41 pm
republicans have not offered any alternative in terms of appeal for the latino community or engage the latino community on this issue. frankly we've seen the republicans blocking efforts at reform here in washington and worse at the state level attacking our community by offering such extreme measures at the state level that will certainly affect immigrants and latin latinos. we want the hear from the president about the state of matters as it relates to the latino community and his agenda. but quite frankly we've invited republican candidates and have not heard from any one of them. we're hoping that we'll get a voice offered to us on behalf of the republican party and one of the republican candidates because this is really got to be an important election year coming up for all of us including the hispanic community. >> that would be a very strong signal if not a single one of the republican candidates or
1:42 pm
even all of them if they don't respond to you at your national conference next week. we'll stay on that. thank you very much. up next, take me out to the courthouse. roger clemmons on trial today and a dramatic win for the national league in the all-star game. a three-run homer by milwaukee's prince fielder boosted the national league to a 5-1 win over the american league. not surprisingly fielder was named mvp. the win gives the national league home field advantage in the world series. ive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship! woman: honey go get him. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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i'm tamron hall coming up on "news nation" at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. two million american children struggle with obesity. one harvard doctor says some of those kids should be taken away from their parents and placed in foster care. is childhood obesity a form of child abuse and neglect. the supreme court will settle the dispute of a controversial
1:46 pm
privacy case. should police be able to install gps systems on vehicles and track people without getting a warrant? it is a huge debate. we're talking a look at that. all of that coming up in about 15 minutes. >> a one time lock for the hall of fame roger clem monos is now fighting for his reputation in not freedom. the perjury trial began in washington today in federal court with opening arguments. we have the contributor for the cable sports network sny. let's talk about this. how the mighty have fallen just to be on trial is bad enough. i keep trying to figure out why did he testify, if it's proved that he lied to congress, it's a serious deal. people take it for granted people lie in washington all the time. lying in congress when you're under oath is a federal crime. >> it came out in february of 2008 the mitchell report came out -- >> george mitchell, no relation. >> he was one of 85 players, former and current at that point
1:47 pm
in time linked to steroid use. linked to performance enhancing drug use. he wanted to protect his legacy. he didn't think mcnammy had any direct link to him. he wanted to protect the 354 wins and what clemens was on the mound at the prime of his game one of the great right-hand starters of the game. >> mcnammy kept some evidence according to the prosecutor. there are cotton balls with syringes with dna. clemens' dna and steroids. >> kept them in a beer can. >> in a beer can. >> the syringes in a beer can. >> can't make it up. >> he had cotton balls with clemens' blood. there is evidence of steroids on there and dna. the prosecutors in opening statements today said that you know, the dna is there. the steroids are there. and i think it's a direct link. the government has 270 pieces of evidence against roger clemens.
1:48 pm
he's really up against it. it's his own fault. his lawyers' fault and clemens fault. they told him in 2008 to tell the truth and he decided to lie. >> nothing's proved until it's proved there is a jury here. this is a jury apparently of some nonbaseball fans. we hear there's a painter, plasterer that works for the myth sewnian. a yoga instructor. a lot of women on this jury. struck by one of the women who was knocked off the jury during the voir dire the other day. she said why would you care about baseball when men are scratching themselves and spitting. >> ten women, two men. one of the jurors thought michael vick got a raw deal going to prison for dog fighting. finally it's underway today down there in d.c. after the jury selection. it's an interesting pool mostly female along with two men.
1:49 pm
>> i just called for jury duty in d.c. next month. i wish i could be on this jury. >> did you get out of it? >> of course, i'm going. it's injure civic duty. you want to anchor the show? >> i'll take it. >> thanks so much. before i let you go, women's soccer at least the last report that we had usa up 3-1 over france. >> in the semifinals over in germany. looks like they're going to march on to the finals which would be great for soccer here in the states. >> great to see you. thanks so much. what political story will be making headlines besides sports in the next 24 hours, that's next. be sure to follow the show online and on twitter. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose.
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>> everybody in movies calls a wound, any wound, a ticket out, a ticket home, and in my experience with guys like you it's a bummer because guys wired like you want to stay in the fight. >> yes. >> was that your situation? >> that was the hardest part. one of our sergeants at the time ran up to the ground and say, hey come on, we're going to get you out of here and i hit it. i said you're not taking me anywhere until you get those s.o.b.s. the worst thing i thought about is i didn't want to see another casualty. >> that's part of nbc's brian williams exclusive interview with medal of honor winner sergeant petry. which political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours? msnbc contributor jonathan capehart san editorial writer
1:54 pm
for "washington post" and joins me how. good to see you, jonathan. >> you, too. >> first of all, what are you looking for in the next 24 -- is it sort of groundhog day again with congressional leaders meeting with the president? >> yes, absolutely. we'll be talking about the debt ceiling talks, and i think we're going to be talking about this for the next 24 hours until they get a deal done. right now everyone is focused on the fact that the president told scott pelly that if the debt ceiling isn't raised he's not sure if social security checks and veterans checks and things like that will go out on august 3rd. folks are claiming that the president is using scare tactics, but that's just not the case. when you look at the letter that came from the business leaders yesterday, when you listen to fed chairman ben bernanke, when you listen to the bipartisan policy center which put out a report that said if the debt ceiling isn't raised in august are, the treasury is expected to take about $300 billion, but it
1:55 pm
has about double that in terms of bills that it has to pay, and if -- if the united states doesn't lift the debt ceiling and the government isn't able to borrow more money, then once you pay off the interest to the debt, then the treasury is going to have to pick and choose which -- which other obligations it has to pay. people have to understand that the debt ceiling isn't about future spending. it's about money that's already been spent. >> money that's already been spent, as ben bernanke pointed out today. this is not about paying future bills. >> right, right. >> and that does it for us. thank you, jonathan. we have this final, the women 3-1 over france. that means they go on to the finals for the world championship against either sweden or japan. stay tuned for that, and coming up tomorrow, we will have the latest on the debt talks as well as more sports for you. tamron hall has a look at what's
1:56 pm
next on "newsnation." hi, tamron. >> getting it all in there. thank you very much. coming up, new reaction from the white house on the mumbai terror attacks that took the lives of 17 people, dozens more injured. a live report on the attacks there. plus, it is every parent's worst nightmare. a child is walking home from his first day of summer camp when he gets lost, and police say the person he turned to for help brutally murdered the child. we're learning new details about this horrific story still unfolding in new york. and the latest from washington on the debt ceiling. president obama meeting again with congressional leaders. that's happening in about two hours. meantime, democratic congressman robert andrews will be my live guest next on "newsnation." 0's,. hair and mascara, a lethal combo. i'm jon haber of alto music. i've been around music my entire life. this is the first alto music i opened when i was 24. my business is all about getting music into people's hands. letting someone discover how great music is,
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good day, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the "newsnation" is following breaking news. terror attack on mumbai kills 17 people, and at least 80 others are injured. three explosions, one after the other, rocked the indian financial capital earlier